October 22, 2008

Just Too Good

Sometimes we're just too good at what we do.

If you go here:


you'll see that MIT is in the race to be the next brand of Victoria Secret PinkWear. Seeing this, MIT decided last night that it wanted to win. One quick script and a campus-wide e-mail later and we were raking in 20,000+ votes per minute. Well, until we overwhelmed the Victoria Secret server and crashed their website.

They proceeded to freeze any votes for the top three schools (Drexel obviously ran a script as well, look at those numbers!)

Now, unable to vote for our own school, MIT students have taken to voting all of the other schools up to ridiculously high numbers as well. My favorite is John Public who is averaging about 2,000 votes a minute right now. Also note Wellesley and Michigan, both our fault.

Keep checking in throughout the day to see what we manage to accomplish!