July 11, 2008

True Story

So you know why the marching band clips in this video are funny (except for the first one)? Because they're totally legitimate things that could happen! In fact, I've seen all of them (or at least variations of all of them) happen at one time or another. Actually, the cheerleader running into the pole after one of the marching band clips, I've done that. Well, sort of, I was marching and actually knocked the pole over, but same type of thing.

Half Time Show


donaldGuy said...

At my school's first Spirit Assembly (read: glorified pep rally) my freshman year, they had just waxed the floor and every single member of the dance team (except maybe the last couple) failed to realize it, tried to do some stunt (flip, herkie, etc) landed, slid, and fell on their asses

.. it was exciting

Anonymous said...