July 05, 2008


Yesterday was the fourth of July, a holiday that is welcomed with open arms in Boston MA. A couple of things come with the the fourth of July around here. The first are airplane advertisements and helicopters. Seriously, the airspace is so busy I'm surprised there wasn't an accident.

Next come emergency service personnel . . .

Boats . . .

500,000 people . . .

And just as many cops (why does everything I do involve cops!?)

Night fell on Boston but before the festivities and the music began I'd like to note two more things. Number one, the sunset was AMAZING!

My camera simply can't do it justice, but I tried my hardest!

And, there was obviously an issue in the brain and cog building because they accidentally let some zombies out.

Then it was time for the music. The Boston Pops performed the National Anthem and then at the very end, synchronized perfectly (which is no small feat, I appreciate the work you do, whoever was in charge of getting that set up), was a flyover.

While the music played, little kids played with glowsticks and families chatted happily. Dan Sauza and I decided to walk the length of the river and check things out. This is when we saw the sign that said "Fried Dough!"

I'm not sure there's anything more American than finding a perfectly good, wholesome food substance and soaking it in boiling fat. The proud Americans we are, Dan and I got in line for our fried dough.

While in line we glanced over and saw the hot dog booth. The only thing more American than fried dough is a hot dog. I saw no reason why the two of us couldn't be the uber-Americans of the evening, so after another quick wait in another line, Dan and I were in possession of the most American, most awesome, most delectably wholesome food known to man: The fried dough-dog. Just use your fried dough as a hot dog bun, poof, magically delicious!

Next were the fireworks, something I didn't record but thoroughly enjoyed. I'd say the two best things about these fireworks were

a) the fact that you could actually feel the sound waves hit you
b) they had fireworks that exploded in the shapes of cubes! How!?

4th of July is something else, you should try to make it out here for it sometime, you won't regret it!


Paul said...

We noticed the cubes too, it was hilarious. I got some photos that I'll be blogging soon :D

Dimitris said...

what type of aircrafts, are those in your video? F-15?

Anonymous said...

That fried-dough-dog is seriously missing some powdered sugar. A whole lot of it.

And some freedom. Mmm...liberty.

Tamara said...

Elephant-ears? What? Yeah, it looks good.

Sauza said...

so, I put mustard on mine

Karen said...

i am derailing your comments to say:

...ouch, your wisdom teeth experience wins. i have an irrational fear of oral surgery / pretty much anything dentist-related, though, so you are far braver than i am because i definitely would've run away if they hadn't sedated me within like 10 mins of me getting in the chair. horray for my parents having good insurance!

also i am in basically no pain, it is pretty sweet, vicodin is some good stuff.

Carrie said...

I think you should know that even in my physics class now, randomly multiplying by 2 is still a good way for finding the correct answer.

Anonymous said...

... cubes?! That's amazing.

I've never actually had fried dough... am I missing out on something?

Anonymous said...