May 17, 2008

Never thought I'd say this

I miss writing papers. I keep hearing people complain about papers they have to finish and I think to myself "Writing papers is so nice! You can just sit wherever with your laptop and type. You don't need to spread out paper, notes, books, use a pencil, or mess with anything else. It's just you, Microsoft Word, some music, and a couple of nice solitary hours typing. I haven't had to type a single paper all semester and I kind of miss it.

Luckily, due to my lack of taking a real HASS class this semester I get to take two next semester so that'll be a good time.

Digital Poetry
Intro to Western Narrative

I haven't completely abandoned you writing, I promise!


Charlemagne said...

tell you what Snively, since I'm such a nice guy, if you miss writing that much. I guess I can let you write my English paper. I know I know, I'm incredibly generous.

Photon said...

Digital Poetry with Ed Barrett? He's a great professor and you're going to have a blast in that class. Good luck!

Anonymous said...