May 29, 2008

Hasbro Discount

I have a feeling that my discount at Hasbro could be a dangerous thing.

I get 20% off anything online and I get 50% off anything in the store at work. You know what that means? $5.00 potato heads.

This could be a very toy-filled summer.


Yuzhi said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun at the toy store in your work place!
I can't wait to finish high school and start my internship.

Anonymous said...

Like you didn't have a habit of buying random crap before.

I fully expect a room filled with plastic spuds when I return.

Charlemagne said...

lol, my girlfriend has a collection of Poatato Heads as well, she has ll of those except the Stormtrooper. Employee discounts are the most dangerous incentive in the world. No matter what it's a discount on, it's the psychology behind it, as if someone lifts a velvet rope and says " OH it's for you Mr. Snively? well in that case *drops price*" Like a VIP of toys.

Charlemagne said...

That story about Taco Bell is hilarious! Working in customer service I've got tons of stories that make me lose faith in the democratic process. And yes, no excuse me, HELL YES, I am ready for MIT.

Anonymous said...

*headdesk* Oh man. I know what little kids in your family are getting for their birthdays =D

Anonymous said...