May 06, 2008

Computer Problems

I'm experiencing problems with my laptop right now. It got really laggy last night and stuff started to freeze and lockup. Thinking that the resources were running low I tried to restart but the start button had frozen. I did a manual shutdown and then turned the computer back on.

It made it halfway through the restart before restarting again, this time displaying a screen telling me to do an Operating System Repair Sequence. I ran it and it doesn't appear to have helped because now when I try to boot my computer it just sits there on the Windows is Loading screen. I'm running diagnostics and tests on it now.

I'm thinking a couple of things could be wrong:
1) Hard Drive just died :(
2) Overheated, killing hard drive :(
3) Virus that appeared very suddenly (like, while I was working on my computer) :(
4) Bad voodoo

I figure the worst that happens is that either Dell fixes it or replaces it because it's on warranty. Just more stuff for me to deal with as finals approaches I guess. Luckily (amazingly luckily) we were given Macbooks for Toy Design (to create presentations on) so I actually do have a laptop right now (it just happens to be a laptop with a crappy OS, but I'll cope). If you see a decrease in blog frequency it's because I'm between computers and it's inconvenient. Sorry about that!


Charlemagne said...

omg, post-CPW has been nothing but trouble for you!

Sh1fty said...

try booting anything off a cd (slax, ttylixux, ...), if it works then it's the hard drive or the OS. if the bootable OS works, backin up everything you can/need. just mount the partition somewhere and use smb/ftp to upload it all somewhere. use some tool to check if your hard drive is ok. if it is, just reinstall the OS :) if any of these steps fails send the laptop to dell.
hope this helps, good luck.

Anonymous said...

This refers to your post lockdown. We guys are working ultratime here, trying to generate Al+++ plasma, thus and thereby, showing mathematically that its absolute chrage can be manipulated. You know, I know; this couldn't be us, since other fellows are too much of an egomaniac, to even observe what is happening in this planet. Sorry some guys just don't like you, you see, as my granny always used to say, the more people become jealous about you, the more you're getting successful.

Have fun..

Anonymous said...

That above post is mine... oops I forgot to write my name.


Anonymous said...

Chh what crappy OS? Mac OS X is the best! :D

Anonymous said...