April 29, 2008

Internet Historian

I've been giving my future some serious though lately. People have suggested that I be an internet historian. Record trends, growth, user demographics, essentially catalogue the internet. I think I would like this very much, can you imagine just learning about the internet for a living?

Is there a market for this? Do people research the internet? Are there internet historians?


Anonymous said...

maybe CMS? Or possibly Anthropology, since Anthropology can cover pretty much anything... - how technology, and especially the internet, has shaped our culture. I've actually thought about it before, it's very intriguing. So yeah, you could be an anthropologist, or work for a company in the advertising department. That's pretty much all they do - they study who uses the internet, what they like to click on, how often they click on these things, monitor for the Next Big Thing (youtube, facebook, etc)

I'd prefer doing it in a less formal setting than a company, just kind of searching what I want instead of having a company's agenda behind me, but both would be interesting.

Course 15 would also be pretty useful for this because they have a lot of information gathering/analysis classes.

Michelle said...

Yes, people do this. There's an article related to it in the most recent issue of Wired and in a recent special edition of Smithsonian magazine.

Anonymous said...