March 28, 2008

Admissions Advice

I remember 3 years ago I went to an MIT info session and somebody asked the question:

"Is it better to have a lot of AP classes with B's or a bunch of easier classes than A's?"

The answer?

"It's better to have a lot of AP classes with A's."



Anonymous said...

so which one were you.

Edward Lear said...

there once was a student named snively
he believed himself quite lively
he thought his blog was neat
but he's just a deadbeat
like that city in kentucky, shively

rofl said...

ROFLWTFBBQLMAO @ edward lear's comment

Anonymous said...

I swear they plant someone in each info session to ask that question just so it can be answered like that, because I've now attended three info sessions, and someone -always- asks that question, and someone -always- answers it that way.

dlo '12 said...

I've never heard that one.

Charlemagne said...

Ed Lear= great limmerick, weak last line.

Hah, you know I heard something to that effect at an MIT info session, that was before I knew too much about it's reputation of being ridiculously difficult at times, and the answer to the question...well...lets just say it humbled me :)

The Z-Particle said...

Hey Michael, I tagged your MIT blog in my blog, hope that's ok! Great posts all around, keep writing more ... and more ... and more.

Anonymous said...

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