February 07, 2008


Spam frequents the internet and I've noticed that it normally haunts certain individuals more than others. I've been lucky up until this point, receiving very little spam. I attribute most of this to Gmail's amazing Spam filters.

The MIT Blogs get about 20,000 hits a day and are prime objectives for SpamBots, leaving nonsensical comments and linking to inappropriate websites. Recently I fell under attack by a SpamBot and the results were so overwhelming that I felt the need to post about it here. Luckily all of these comments were blocked by MovableType (the blog software we use for the MIT blogs) but I still received an e-mail every time one was published. How many Spams? How long did it take? I took a screenshot of my inbox, just check out the times to the right.


It's the most aggressive Spamming I've seen, so kudos to you Spambot, now GET OFF MY BLOG!