February 28, 2008


When: April 25th
Where: Harvard (or maybe MIT soon!)
Who: Me of course, I just registered!

Mix up a bunch of super famous internet memes, some brainy academics, a big audience, dump them in Cambridge, MA and you've got ROFLCon.

The conference is slated for April 25th and 26th of 2008.

It's a group dissection of internet culture. What makes it work, why it works, how it works. We'll talk about where internet culture has been and where we think it's going.

Then, there'll be parties. A music show, with memes performing their work live. And then a big blowout party at the end, with everyone dancing and rocking out.

Needless to say, this might be the most important gathering since the fall of the tower of Babel.

Who's gonna be there???

1) Jay Maynard, Tron Guy
2) Kyle Macdonald, Paperclip to House Guy
3) Martin Grondin, LOLCat Bible
4) Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics
5) The Brothers Chaps, Homestar Runner
6) Ryan and Arija, LOLSecretz
7) Stephen Granades, LOLTrek
8 ] Leslie Hall (Gem Sweater)
9) Bert Is Evil Guys (Dino Ignacio/Dennis Pozniak)
10) OCRemix — David Lloyd
11) Alexis Ohanian (LOLDeconstructed/Reddit)
12) Randall Munroe, Xkcd
13) Group X
14) Adam Lindsay, LOLCode
15) StupidFilter
16) Martin Leung, Video Game Pianist
17) Drew Curtis (Fark.com)
18) Cyanide and Happiness/Explosm.net guys
19) Rooster Teeth (Red versus Blue)
20) Matt Harding (Where the Hell is Matt?)
21) moot (4chan)
22) Ian Spector, Chuck Norris Facts
23) Rocketboom
24) Joe Mathlete, Marmaduke Explained
25) Brad Neely, Creased Comics and Super Deluxe
26) “Cheezburger,” I Can Haz Cheezburger
27) Chris Hastings, Dr. McNinja
28) Joey Comeau, A Softer World
29) Brian Finklestein, Snakes on a Blog
30) Jeffrey Rowland, Wigu/Overcompensating
31) MC Frontalot
32) Matt Haughey, MetaFilter
33) Neil Cicierega, Lemon Demon
34) Jeph Jacques, Questionable Content
35) Joe Peacock, Mentally Incontinent
36) Justine Ezarik, iJustine/300-page iPhone Bill
37) Richard Stevens, Dumbrella/Diesel Sweeties
38) Leeroy Jenkins
39) John Hargrave, Zug.com
40) James Zetlen, Sorry Everybody



Omar A. said...

How could the facebook maker not be going?!?!? Snively this is a matter you must fix :-p

Isshak Ferdjani said...

leeroy jenkins will be there ? and ICANHAZCHEESBURGER too ? lool I expect a big post from you on the subject !

Nintendood said...

I could have sworn Littlekuriboh who made Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series would be at a place like that. oh well.

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