February 16, 2008


The amazingness of my weekend is to not be rivaled by anything ever. Look forward to a blog entry to rival all others! Seriously, best story ever!


Almost as good as getting in to MIT, seriously, it's just that cool!

New York City here I come!


Anonymous said...

Haha now that is hard to believe...what could be better than getting into MIT!?

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm a complete stranger to you, I read your blog(s) and I totally guessed you were going to Toy Fair. I was there, too, for work. I actually thought, "I wonder if a huge group of MIT students will be walking around here like they're on a tour."

The inside of the LEGO room was pretty cool, but there were no other giant LEGO figures--just a preview of their new collections, several of which are already out.

I'm sorry some people were jerks to you. It's amazing how many people in the toy industry have absolutely no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...