February 08, 2008

More Research

Some more studying, but I've an issue with this one:

When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking
Which works great for meat and neat and soar and oar

But what about "you?"

U is obviously a more manly and persuasive vowel then O.


Calvin said...

"Which works great for meat... etc"

I think you discovered another one there.

lawrence said...

I heard that George Reuben, a thieving zealot from a fief in the realm of Gaul, pronounced dreadful doubts about the plausibility of this unwieldy rule.

Anonymous said...

Your grandmother turned me onto your blog -- I've really enjoyed it, but reading it usually leaves me winded -- if I had a Pacemaker I would have to turn it up a notch!
The two walking vowels are getting away with murder -- PIECE is only one of the disappointments, and there are many more.
My favorite word of the month is antimaccasar. Our flight attendants are being told to check for clean antimaccasars on every flight. Try this one on your friends! Best of luck at school, and it's great to see you haven't succumbed to the IHTFP mindset yet!
Take care, your GUG (Great Uncle Gordon)
Visiting Lecturer, Graduate School of Aircraft Design -- Guggenheim North.

Anonymous said...