February 25, 2008


So, I saw the stack of MIT applications from India for this year. I won't say how many there are or how many they'll accept. About all I can do is point you to this website:


Divide that number by four and you'll get approximately how many they'll accept. The only other publicly available numbers are how many international kids applied last year, which is 2,745. Not all were Indian, mind you, but it puts into perspective just what admissions is up against.

I hope they didn't carry all of the applications up from the basement in one trip, you could hurt your back that way. It was impressive!

I'm sorry to anybody this is discouraging for, but it's the truth. Be confident in your application, you've played your hand, now it's down to MIT. Good luck, decisions in a month-ish!


Awake dreamer said...

19/4= 4. 3/4th can't be in..Man, it is discouraging..So, any worries if I add you in my blogroll? I just started blogging..Will seek help from ya here as well..lol.
Are the applicants solid ones?

Anonymous said...

Hmm any idea how many total students they'll be accepting this year? I've heard that it might be more than usual because of the amount they accepted in early action. Thanks!

Oh and maybe relay a message to Matt McGann that if he gets time maybe he could update us on whats going on over at admissions. Thanks again!

Omar A. said...

Whhhat snively?!? Monthish, how about less than 3 weeks. Won't the date probably be the 15th? Please let it be so.

Vee said...

i thought they aimed for march 14th?

Aditi said...

now i'm scared

very berry scared

MIT writes nice rejection letters right?! =(

and yes pi day decisions would be nice!

Shruthi said...

I am actually feeling kinda odd now. I mean, I knew right from the beginning that getting into MIT was crapshoot for anyone, but looking at absolute numbers.. Its scary Snively :( I'd definitely be moping for a few days (or more) if I dont get in, but then, I guess its better to be prepared....

Star said...

Way to depress all us international applicants, Snively. (And for some reason I thought the number was how many they accept EACH YEAR. Now it looks even more daunting)

Nah, for some reason I'm over the whole "OMG, I need to get into MIT, and it's crazy, and I never will, and OMG OMG OMG OMG".

Oh, who am I kidding, I'll never get over that, but I know the international admit rate rounds to 0%, and at this point I've done all I can, so I'm over it. We'll see in a couple of weeks, nothing I can do (besides blog-stalk) till then.

And I guess it helps that I've gotten into some pretty good (non-US) schools, and I'm pretty happy with them, so either way I'll be going to a great school.

Wow, so long comment... but I just have to add, I'm picturing Ben Jones and Co. sitting behind floor to ceiling piles of all our applications; it's them we should be feeling bad for...

Anonymous said...