January 12, 2008

Improv Everywhere: Part I

Hey all! So, quick background:

Back in High School, Senior year, my friend Jake showed me a series of extremely funny videos online that were made by a group called "Improv Everywhere." Improv Everywhere consists of a large group of people (50 to 100 or more, different every time) who pull large performance pranks. Performance pranks? Well, take for instance their Best Buy improv. They had 80 people dressed in blue polo shirts and khaki pants walk into a Best Buy in Manhattan and just stand around in the store with their arms crossed, confusing all the customers flooding the store with fake "staff."

Another favorite is when they took 50ish cell phones, put them into backpacks, and turned their backpacks in behind the counter of a store. They then proceeded to call every single one of the phones at the same time. Hilarity ensued.

Do a YouTube search for Improv Everywhere, you won't regret it.

Today they're doing another of their performance pranks in the little old city of Boston. I think I may go help, it's for a good cause (well, by good cause, I mean it makes for great internet video). What are they doing?