January 01, 2008


Yesterday I was introduced to one of the funniest TV shows I've seen in a long time. After watching the pilot I instantly downloaded the other episodes for my iPod and have been watching them all day. Hilarious! Which show?

The Big Bang Theory

The manage to take the geeks, mix them with the beautiful girl, and make a show that doesn't survive on awkward humour but instead on incredibly funny jokes and perfect timing (especially with the sarcasm sign bit). I HIGHLY recommend this show and to further convince you I've included some goodies on this post.

This is the Theme Song

"If by 'Holy Smokes', you mean a derivative restatment of the kind of stuff you could find scribbled on the wall of any men's room at MIT, sure."

Frankly, if he really loved her, he'd let her hit the ground. It'd be a more merciful death.


I'm off to write to the network and see if I can get a copy of all the episodes to put on my blog. Wish me luck!