December 13, 2007

*Twang Twang Twang*

I went with a friend to the Media Lab the other day to steal some of their Wi-Fi. As we were leaving we heard guitar playing but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I looked around and couldn't find any speakers or people playing guitar so I narrowed my possibilities down to two:

a) I was a fendertongue, similar to a parseltongue except that I could hear guitars that other people couldn't.
b) I hadn't looked hard enough for the guitar.

Hearing guitars that nobody else can is never a good thing, even at MIT, so I decided to look around a bit more and lo and behold, I found the source of the mysterious twanging noise! (How many HP references so far?!)

Above the revolving door sat a lone guitar with what appeared to be a bomb -- I mean, circuit board -- attached to it. I looked closely and saw that it was playing itself! *Twang Twang Twang*

I've grown accustomed to stumbling upon weird things here at MIT, but this was still a little strange. I mean, come on, who expects to find a guitar playing itself while it's sitting on a revolving door? Anywho, I took a small video of it so you can see what I am talking about. Here it is

See? That's all, just thought I'd share.

Oh, and a quick update, all those recent hacks are now gone :(
Scrabble was taken down yesterday around 1:30ish and Settlers was gone by this morning.