December 28, 2007

So You Had a Bad Day

Ever have a day like this?


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las1 said...

I've had weeks like that!
Hilarious! I'm amazed you find this stuff!

Shriphani said...

I saw your statement in the sidebar about you being a semi-official admissions blogger. I've got a doubt regarding part 1 of my MIT application. The school I currently attend is called "FIIT-JEE Junior College" and in part 1 of the application, I put it as FIIT-JEE. I didn't fill out the postal codes too. However, my teachers from this very school are sending in recommendation letters. So should I mail MIT and ask them to change it or should I just forget it as my teachers will have reported the right address ?

Snively said...


You should be fine. Everything will all end up in the same file.

Good luck!

Shriphani said...

Thanks a lot for the uber-quick response.

Vishaque said...

Ta Da!! Guess who's back? How's your Christmas... Merry one, anyway. Good News, dude, probably I am going to be the first person to enter IAS, without an Ph.D., Hail NJ. Bye,from THE Quad,

: Dont search me, I am on platinum status. :p

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