December 05, 2007

Physics Question

There are these things in physics called "PRS Questions." Basically, you by a clicker thing from the bookstore for $40 and it lets you answer multiple choice questions in class. Imagine "Ask the Audience" from Millionaire only we get to take our clickers home. A couple of times every class our teacher will put up PRS questions and ask us to discuss what we think the answer is and then ring in. He displays a graph of how everybody answered and then we discuss the right answer. Yesterday this question appeared:

Ok, the first two answers are just asking for a fight. The teacher seemed to think the 3rd option was correct but most of the class seemed to think that number 7 was correct. What do you think?


Travis said...

I think that 6 is a plausible solution. Given that our ears "pop" with severe elevation changes, it makes sense that there is some restoration pressure inside our heads. And, if we assume that the main area the pressure is exerted on is very small (like our ears), then we can conclude that the force would be enormous relative to the area (P=F/A, A being small means that F has to be big to create the same P inside and outside the ears), and therefore, balanced.

Of course, one can sympathize with number 7 as well :)

Anonymous said...

The Flying Spaghetti Monster gave us strong skull bones. Duh!

Michelle said...

I'd actually think 6.

vee said...

what teresa said. ramen.

Anonymous said...

What's he talking about? My brain has imploded.

Anonymous said...

PS - FSM is a false idol. Convert to the Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn!

Blessed be her holy hooves.

(I'm not joking. It exists.)

Anonymous said...

technically the answer is the third one..i can't believe all u guys seriously think that 6 is the answer.7 is the answer, but only metaphorically!!

Anonymous said...

The FSM created all that exists.
The IPU exists.
.'. The FSM created the IPU.

May you be touched by his noodley appendages and see the truth!


Anonymous said...