December 15, 2007


For the '12s

At approximately 11:50 EST MIT admitted its first batch of freshmen for next year.

A year ago I was the kid who checked online, couldn't get past the first line of my acceptance for 2 hours, and who proudly paraded MIT gear for the next several weeks. I also became absolutely obsessed with EVERYTHING MIT because it was then official, MIT would be my school and I had to learn everything I could about it!

So, today, roughly 300 new freshmen are faced with the same situation. MIT is your school now! Years of tradition, quarks, and awesomeness are now yours so soak up as much as you can! Read the admissions blogs, read the student blogs, read the websites for the various dorms, read about traditions, just read a ton! I've included a bunch of links to check out, they're all really useful.

Baker House
Bexley Hall
Burton-Conner House
East Campus
MacGregor House
McCormick Hall
New House
Next House
Random Hall
Senior House
Simmons Hall

Eric Schmiedl's Website
MIT Hack Gallery

My site
Your Official CPW Website

The Tech
Admissions Blogs
Main MIT site

Buildings to be Familiar With
Look them up!
Kresge (pronounced krez-gee)
Green Building
Building Ten (Great Dome)
Building Seven (Small Dome)
Killian Court
(La) Verdes (rhymes with birdies)
Media Lab
Building 66 (30 60 90 triangle building)
Stata (rhymes with data)

Misc Trivia!
Brass Rat
Course Numbers

That's all for now, I'll update with more if anything else comes up. Congratulations again everybody! Have a great week!


Paul said...

Nice idea, Snively.

Don't forget about Open Courseware and the Course Catalog! There's probably a few other important ones to visit, but those will help a lot.

Anonymous said...

Snively, based on your comment on the mit blogs, were you deferred from MIT then accepted regular?

Shannon said...

Wow. This is worth its weight in gold. Thanks a ton.

Seriously, though, how's that for a good story of "how I got into MIT?" I've told it at least 20 times already (and the first day back at school should at least double that!) and it's still not old.

Michael said...


I was accepted EA

Pascale said...

The thing about your Stata phonetic is that some people pronounce data "day-ta" while other's say "dat-uh."

So which is it? Great post, thanks.

Michael said...

Well, that's the thing, nobody actually knows how to pronounce it. It's the same exact thing as data, so however you pronounce "data" that's how you should pronounce Stata

Anonymous said...

According to the MIT admissions informational packet, it rhymes with "beta."

Strawberryyog said...

According to the StataList FAQ, it's pretty optional but they go on to add that StataCorp personnel say "stay-ta", which sounds like a clear vote to me!

Sorry to disturb this long-slumbering backwater! :)

Anonymous said...