November 08, 2007

What to feel . . .

It's strange. I spent a good 7 to 10 hours over the last week studying for my math test. By the end of yesterday I could solve every problem on the practice tests in my head and could recite all of the important concepts and theorems.

I went into the test today excited, I knew what I was doing and I was ready to pass with flying colors.

What to feel? With 10 seconds left in the test I was just starting the last problem, worth 15% of the entire test, after frantically struggling through the first 4 questions. How can you be completely prepared for something and still fail? I don't understand, and I have mixed feelings. I'm upset that I probably failed and will have to take the make-up test, but I'm happy that I understand the material.

There's that nagging feeling that I don't understand the material, as evidenced by the inevitable fail-mail I'll get tonight, but I do! Why did I fail? Confused!!!