November 02, 2007

Some Randomness [Update]

I found an article online today that I found really amusing so of course I share it with you.

In Japan there's a boat race course that gamblers frequent. Where there are gamblers, there are losers, and losers generally just throw their losing tickets on the ground when they leave in a fit of anger. Luckily, the boat race managers have devised a solution.

It's a robotic goat that eats losing lottery tickets! Just what the world needs! Rumor has it that it can devour up to 500 tickets a day. Now that's a goat with an appetite!

On an unrelated note, holy cow guys, hits on my blog are going through the roof! Honestly, I thought September was going to be a temporary spike, but I just checked the numbers for October and this is what I saw.

That's amazing, thanks for reading! Also, check out the November column, look how many hits there already and it's only halfway through the second day! Based on the traffic in the last day, I'll have 8,500 page views this month, which is ridiculous!

Again, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it, it's good to know that I'm writing to people instead of just vomiting my life onto the tubes.

DanN asked:
Do you know what % of the visitors come from within MIT and what % from the outside world?

As a matter of fact, I do! 14% of my hits are from within MIT, the rest are from elsewhere. Here's a pie chart:


DanN said...

Do you know what % of the visitors come from within MIT and what % from the outside world?

The WordCynic said...

you are a HUGE TOOL

Matt, PSU '11 said... 3%

Wow...I mustn't be the only Penn Stater reading your blog!

...Either that, or I just check for updates waaaaaay too frequently.

harrison said...

wordcynic is right. You are a massive tool. However, you aren't as massive as the tool we put in Tetazoo's kitchen today. I dare you to blog that.

KR said...

hahah, the October spike could be from MIT early applicants who check the admissions blogs daily :P

Isshak Ferdjani said...

and I'm sure I'm the only reader from Benin ! And maybe Africa...

Anonymous said...