November 08, 2007

The Little Things

A lot of people say college is where you gain the majority of the skills that will help you later in life. This is true, but oftentimes not exactly in the way you might suspect. Many people assume that the knowledge gained in college is geared specifically towards some career or profession, but I'm here to tell you a lot of the knowledge you get in college has nothing to do with actual schooling.

Since I've gotten to MIT I've learned so many little things that are just plain neat. Some are useful, others novel, and some downright useless but cool, and almost none relate to school at all. I've decided to tell you about a couple of the "life skills" I've developed at MIT.

- 2 second shirt folding
- How to shoot a gun
- How to pick locks
- How to play Guitar Hero
- How to add light saber effects to movies
- How to code in Python
> More specifically, how to code on the OLPC
- How to cook smores with just a lighter and a stick
- How to build a robot out of screwdrivers
- How to enjoy a riot
- How to take control of the security camera in MIT's main lecture hall

Tons of awesome skills that I've somehow gained between all of the impossible classes. College is awesome, take advantage of as much stuff as you can, you'll never regret it.

Tomorrow I promise I'll blog two things:

1) I quick tour of the $100 laptop (actually around $188) and some music I wrote for it.
2) How to fold your shirt in 2 seconds (the Japanese way)

Stay tuned, it's gonna be a blast!


harrison said...


Star said...

How on earth do you cook smores with just a lighter and a stick?? Yes,I've tried it. No, it didn't work.
As for the security cameras - what were you doing with those?

The WordCynic said...

Um, it's not a security camera.

Paul said...

You didn't know how to play Guitar Hero before coming to MIT? For shame, Snively, for shame. :P

I have to agree with you on "how to enjoy a riot." Ah, Red Sox...

harrison said...

You can definitely make good smores with a modified lighter and a fork... or at least good marshmallows.

Anonymous said...