October 29, 2007

We Hate Plastic. . .AND THE YANKEES!

Last night, in case you didn't hear, the Red Sox won the World Series. People here in Boston went nuts, and I was there to capture it all with my handy dandy video camera. I proudly present the 2007 World Series Red Sox Riot, as shot through my video camera:

We Hate Plastic. . .AND THE YANKEES!
(Note that at 3:14 remaining in the video, some guy decides he's going to try to kill me by throwing a sharp and jagged plastic barrel directly at me)

Cars, Cops, and Horses


Star said...

That was a pretty amazing riot! Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I’m kinda a pyromaniac? :) Although I got to say, it looked just a little dangerous even before the guy tried to kill you, and maybe a little bit more afterwards.... The real victim in all of this though, definitely the poor innocent plastic barrels.

Anonymous said...

omg..that's how u ppl celebrate??
anyway..i'd say 75% MIT and % you in the blogs!..just a suggestion..absit invidia!

Anonymous said...