October 01, 2007

Somebody Else's Physics Problem

I've complained about physics enough lately, so I'm going to blog about somebody else's physics woes. I mean, it's enough that the problem sets are hard enough to make somebody cry themselves to sleep, do the graders really need to mock us?!

Check out what was written on the bottom of my roommate's PSET:

I mean, seriously, that was unnecessary!

On the plus side, after experiencing a mental breakdown today, I've come to the realization that my physics class was too much for somebody like me (with almost no physics experience at all) to handle, so I spoke with all sorts of advisors and professors and transfered to a lower physics class. Hopefully this reduces the amount of random "I hate physics" posts.

Also, some good news for the day, I shot well in pistol!

Overall, I'm feeling quite a bit better about the state of things. I know you may not have been aware of how much I was freaking out, but there are a few people whom I've been calling that are very aware of my physics problems. Hopefully they are gone now (crosses fingers) and I can get on with studying for my Chemistry Test on Wednesday (or as my prof likes to call it, a Celebration of Learning).


Star said...

Good job with pistol! I will never be that good :( And good luck with the chem test.

Anonymous said...


i so want to switch into 8.01L....


Jon said...

such a brutal grader. the worst is the -7 on said problem.

Chris said...

Yeah...totally. For one of my Physics quizzes, I actually got this as a comment,

"Do you know what you're writing? Look at it."

Heck yeah for sarcastic graders!

-Oasis '11

Anonymous said...