October 04, 2007


So, chem maybe doesn't agree so much. Fortunately, I got good at pistol!


José P. said...

Was your aim really that precise, or did you just punch two holes into the target and called it a day? :P

Michael said...

Yes, my aim was really that precise. 10 meters away, two shots.

José P. said...


(If my Chemistry teacher saw me saying that you were "precise," she would give me a good reprimand: according to our Chemistry books, I was supposed to say "accurate." XD)

Anonymous said...

Precise and accurate have different meanings, this is true.

Anyway, BULL'S EYE!! That's pretty awesome. (Anger makes aim better? This is my theory. It works for me in archery...)

I want to take pistol next quarter.

Anonymous said...