October 10, 2007

One of these things is not like the others

Did you enjoy that little song? I know I did, cookie monster rocks (god rest his soul).

As hopefully you know, I like numbers, graphs, and other statistical devices. That's why I have a hit-counter on my blog, it's fun to look at projected visitors and who visited from where. Today I looked at my monthly visitations graph and was pretty surprised by what I saw. It seems this last month was a pretty popular month!

There could be several explanations for this:
1) Family and friends are reading my blog to keep track of me now that I'm in college.
2) Application season is in full swing at MIT again and I tend to talk about MIT a lot here (I'm kinda sorta an admissions blogger)
3) I've all of a sudden become super cool and am on the verge of being the next internet phenomenon!

Now, I'm hoping it's all three, but I may be a bit optimistic in thinking that I could be the next dramatic prairie dog or turtle kid.

Regardless, keep on reading readers! I love hearing from you in the comments and I only keep writing because I know you're reading! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Michael, please explain what the yellow and orange signify.

I'll tell you why I enjoy reading your blog. My daughter is a classmate of yours. However, she doesn't share much about her life at MIT. Through your blog, I learn some of the things she's doing. For example, she's in your chemistry class and thanks to you I now know about one of her assignments. I wonder how many other parents use your blog to keep tabs on their kids.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Matt, PSU '11 said...

"I only keep writing because I know you're reading!"

In that case, I better come out of lurker-dom for the moment and introduce myself. My name's Matt, and, like you, I applied to MIT early action last year. Unlike you, I was deferred and ultimately rejected. I discovered this blog at some point during the admissions season last year...I imagine it was through MIT's blogs, but I can't say for sure.

Anyway, reading your blog allows me to experience my dream school while attending my safety school. And for that I thank you. Not that that's the only reason...you're a pretty cool and interesting guy yourself. I'd still be watching for updates even if you had gone to Harvard. ;)

I'll second your classmate's mother/father: Thank you, and keep it up!

snively said...

The top of the yellow represents the number of visitors. The top of the orange signifies the number of different pages of my blog people looked at. So, if one person looked at two pages, the orange and yellow would be the same size.

Anonymous said...