October 15, 2007


After working all day on studying chemistry and calculus (which is actually quite nice, compared to doing physics) and spending a mentally exhausting hour shooting, I was a little brain-dead. I attempted some physics and made it pretty far, but my brain just shut off, so I went into a kitchen to lie down while talking amongst other PSETers. Being in a weakened mental state I was bound to say something stupid, which I did. I don't remember what, but that doesn't matter, what happened next is what matters:

Laura: Congratulations Snively, maybe they'll graduate you to the first grade!
Zach: Yeah, first grade of school. That's school spelled "Skewl"
Snively: There are a bunch of ways you could spell "School" . . . "Skool," "Scewl," "Scool," um, and . . .

At this point I realized I had run out of vowel combinations for the "oo" sound. Quickly brainstorming, I came up with a possible solution.

Snively: What sound would "uu" make?
Jared: There is no word in the English language that has two consecutive u's.
Snively: Wait, what? How could you possibly know that? Do you know every word in the English language? How can you make a statement like that?!
Jared: Look, if there were a word with two consecutive u's, I'd have heard of it. I haven't heard of it, therefor it doesn't exist.
Laura: Doesn't vacuum have two consecutive u's?

At this point we all just look at Jared, who turns bright red. I haven't laughed that hard in a REALLY long time. Jared slowly stood up and went to his room, defeated. krpwnd!