September 28, 2007

Oh the People You'll Meet

I mention from time to time the crazy people I meet here. I figured I'd discuss that a little bit. On MIT's website they have a list of famous alums, some of who are:

Founder of Texas Instruments
Founder of Bose Stereo
Inventor of the Internet
Founder of Campbell's Soup

So many amazing people come out of here, but I've been noticing that a lot of amazing people are still here. Who have I met?

The guy who invented artificial intelligence (yes, he invented it, it's a big deal!)
The guy who invented the nub-joystick on some laptop keyboards
The roommate of the guy who invented computer spreadsheets (Excel)
A best friend of the Eepy Birds

I was going to include a line from Dr Seuss's "Oh the places you'll go" because I thought it might mention "the people you meet," but it doesn't. So, there's no inspirational or uplifting quote to finish off this post, sorry about that!


Star said...

I was just reading that Dr. Suess book the other day, quite the amazing book, I must say.

And AI is what I want to study; it would be amazing to work with the guy who invented it! Wow, MIT is just incredible.

Isshak Ferdjani said...

hey! you forgot Mr Negroponte !!! how could you !
AI, ah! maybe one day i'll make a cortana (^^ i'm sure you understand me).

Hawkins said...

Yes, AI is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I just can't help but wonder - who's here? Who, in our very class, will be one of the big names? Certainly all of us - as long as we keep trying - will do pretty well in life, but... will our class be the one to cure AIDS? To come up with an efficient, nonharmful fuel?

It blows my mind.

Isshak Ferdjani said...

er, if could not cure AIDS please, i wanted to do that, but go ahead with the fuel idea ^^

Anonymous said...

Actually, I want to do research in AIDS or Cancer, but considering that I still have a lot of schooling yet and people are dying every day, I'll gladly have someone else discover the cure to save those lives.

Anonymous said...

wow, very impressive that you know the roommate of the guy who created excel. like that matters at all

Anonymous said...

Someone commenting above me is a little cranky.

Anyway, "Oh, the Places You'll Go" is one of those books I read on bad days.

Anonymous said...

Because it's comforting.

Anonymous said...