September 05, 2007

Oh Chemistry, Make Jokes While You're Still Fun

Today was my first day of chemistry, 3.091, at MIT. It was fine, the profesor is cool, and I bought the book. The thing I'd like to show you guys is what happened about 31:30 into the lecture. Click this link and skip to 31:30, watch the list that he creates.


Ok, next story, physics this morning. We were just sitting there, enjoying listening to the profesor talk, when he casually says the following:

"Yeah, my roommate in college invented the spreadsheet"


These are the people at MIT folks, these are the people at MIT.

Yep, it's gonna be a good year.


Anonymous said...

There are a butload of people in 3.091. Your professor seems fun/funny (for now at least, right?)

Anonymous said...

Do you have Sadoway?

AHHH SADOWAY. I want to have his class, but I'm taking bio now because I want Lander's class more (yay course 20!).

Anonymous said...