September 21, 2007


Ok, by this point almost everybody knows about the MIT Logan Airport Bomb scare. If you don't, well, read about it. The important part here is the website that featured this story: My Favorite Website ENGADGET!


We're Famous!


Star said...

" Here's our suggestion to authorities next time: just ask, "What's up with the bad art?" "

So true... I feel bad for the poor girl. I know airport security needs to be tight these days, but she made a mistake, it's over, leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

MIT has had its hands full with controversies lately. It's sad that the media is running away with the Star story. However, I can see why she got into trouble at the airport; wearing LED lights AND simultaneously playing with playdough at an airport is probably not the best idea.

Paul said...

More like infamous in this case, unfortunately. The media like to focus more on the news that makes MIT looks bad, as opposed to all the amazing research that comes out of this place. I guess Star Simpson is easier to fit into a news bite than something like revolutions in prosthetics.

Anonymous said...