September 12, 2007

It Was Bound to Run Out

I started term with the determination to study, learn, focus, and be a good student.

Now, I'm sitting in a chemistry lecture with the attention span of a fish, watching random white lines on the chalkboard swirl around and get labeled with a countless number of K's, n's, e's, and other random letters that will probably be on a test at some point in time.

I should be learning . . . instead I'm blogging. It's all for you!


Star said...

Join the club. I start off every year fully planning on paying attention, taking notes, and studying, but... well... let’s just say that doesn’t always work out. It’s now only the second day of school for me, and I should be doing homework – instead I’m commenting on your blog... well at least it means I can say “FIRST POST!” :) See what I dedicated reader you have?

Hawkins said...

Oh no, I never started the year like that. =) I did focus and learn, but studying? Homework?! In advanced math I got a B because I wrote programs on the graphing calculators instead of doing my assignments. Who's laughing now, Mrs. Odom! =P

I am so going to need pass/no-record to get through my first semester.

Anonymous said...