September 20, 2007


I Love This F****** Place! That statement diverges from the everyday philosophy behind MIT, but obviously the difference between the IHTFPers and the ILTFPers can be boiled down to two words: Career Fair.

IHTFP = Never been to an MIT career fair
ILTFP = Took full advantage of said career fair

The average number of job offers awaiting an MIT graduate is 2.6, meaning companies actively recruit here, meaning in order to draw us in they have to offer us free stuff. 281 companies took up two entire floors of the athletic center, almost all giving away exciting swag. Here's a quick sample of what I got:

Laptop Mouse
Laptop Keyboard Light
Google Mousepad
Magnetic Dartboard
128 mb Flash Drive
3D Printed Ball Bearing
30 Day Trial of SolidWorks
iPod Nano Case
Laundry Bag
4 Rubik's Cubes
Countless Pens
Rubber Duck
4 Coffee Mugs

That's not even mentioning the massive addition to my free t-shirt collection that happened today. Guess how many got today! GUESS!


(One T-Shirt Not Shown, It Wouldn't Fit On The Table)

I'm up to 17 total and going strong, how many do we think I'll have by the end of the year?

Here are some glamour shots of all my swag!

Everybody thinking of applying to MIT, don't listen to anything anybody tells you about this place being too intense or too hard. Don't listen to people that say undergrad sucks and that there are better places.


Isshak Ferdjani said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FREE STUFF !!!! I just love free stuff !!!
i think, if i get in, i won't pack a lot, maybe 3 or 4 teeshirts.

Bekah said...

so what was the point of you bringing anything with you??? haha! OMG, guess what... we're applying for a Grammy this year and in band council I said that we should use the back page of Fiesta for one of our excerpts (simply because you and I nailed every freaking note) and Howard agreed. YES.

Paul said...

What I want to know is how the heck you carried all that with you. :P

Hawkins said...

I was there! =D I definitely couldn't carry as much as you, and the hordes of people were bombarding me.

Isshak Ferdjani said...

lol I was thinking the sam thing. did you have a bag ? some senior already warned you or something ?

Anonymous said...



Star said...

Hahah, looks pretty awesome. I wish I could live off of free stuff at my school, just another benefit of MIT :) So which companies were able to convince you to work for them with their free stuff?

Yuzhi said...

do they have this every year?

FREE STUFF is awesome!!
I need to make sure I go to the fair this fall.

Can't wait for orientation!!

Anonymous said...