September 07, 2007


I've always been one to love giving people information. I want them to be as on the ball as possible, especially when it means I get to give them as-of-yet exclusive information that gives them a one-up on anybody that doesn't know said information. Shoot, I'm starting to sound like one of these wordy text books they have us reading, that'll have to stop. Anywho, I have exclusive info for you, my blog readers.

Most of you probably stalk the MIT Blogs, and many actually linked to this blog from a link on the MIT Blogs. For you, this should be kinda neat because I'm telling you what's going to be on a future MIT Blog post before it's actually posted. For anybody else, this should just be kind of neat.

I was selected to blog for the MIT Admissions staff.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I live in Burton Conner and share a floor with another blogger (Laura), and am two floors below another blogger (Evan), not to mention that Jessica Kim lives in here somewhere (I saw her the other day but don't actually know what floor she's on). What this means is that I can't blog this year, I have to wait for somebody to move out. It looks like I'll be able to blog next year, so please keep reading the blogs! I'll keep commenting on the current posts and will stay pretty involved, I just won't have my picture up there until later.

So there it is, your exclusive for the day, hope you enjoyed!

MIT Admissions Site


Fangfei said...

Jess lives on Burton 1! One of my friends lives there too.

Oh yeah, I'm one of Debbie's friends and I was in your Orange Tour group on the way to the starting point in the Green Building and we also talked on the bonus tour. I don't think I introduced myself though. So hi, I'm Fangfei. *insert freshman handshake here* And I read your blog every so often. And hooray, you'll be blogging eventually on the MIT site!

Hawkins said...

*gasp* Who saw this coming? ;)

Isshak Ferdjani said...

i knew it was going to be you, and I know that with you we are going to have a lot of posts ! yay to you !

Sam said...

if you're thinking about knocking any of them off, I think Evan Broder would be the easiest target. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Snively --- Congratulations on getting the blogger spot, even though you aren't blogging for a little while.

Star said...

Yeah, I guess we did see that one coming... Well congrats on the future spot on the MIT site, but for now don’t stop updating the current blog!

Oh, and don’t you find it hilarious that Ben had to add a paragraph on his intro post for the bloggers, telling people to relax and that you will be blogging eventually? That’s just how much we all love you :)

Anonymous said...