August 26, 2007


What? No blog of the final day in DME with the robot soccer competition and all the awesomeness? All in good time blog readers, because guess what! Orientation as officially started, and it's ridiculous! It's basically exactly like CPW, full of sleepless nights and activities. I'll try to blog some of it later, but to get a fairly accurate idea of what I'm going through right now, visit here:

I will say that I visited some cool places last night, note the red spots.

'nuff said. Got to bed at 5 am. Tired.


Star said...

Oooo, another CPW?!? Are you planning on going the whole time with no sleep again? Seems like you don't ever have class at MIT, when does that start? You know, psets, homework, tests, all that fun stuff? Anyways, enjoy orientation while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about all of the craziness!

Anonymous said...