August 23, 2007

DME Day 2

It was another exciting day of robot building yesterday! I took a picture at the end of our lab period of how much I've gotten done, here you go:

Note the mad braiding skills, I was braid crazy yesterday. I braided four wires together, then another four, and then two more. I then took all of those wires and braided them to each other, making one giant monster braid, rivaling that made by anybody. All braiding aside, I'm done with the actual building of my robot, now I need to add all of the electronics and then I should be able to drive it around!

After lab we had lunch and then headed to George's island.

See that courtyard there in the middle? That's where we played DME Wiffleball, which had slightly different rules than normal wiffleball. First off, it was guys versus girls, so in order to be fair we let the girls use the "Mr Fat Bat" while we all used the "Skinny Normal Yellow Bat." Also, according to the girls, in DME Wiffleball it was perfectly legal to, while playing in the infield, steal first base and run off with it, making it impossible to actually make it to first base.

This is Emily, the pitcher for the girls team:

And as you may be able to see, we kind of had to improvise the bases, utilizing two sewers, a duffel bag, and a t-shirt.

As we left the island I noticed that there were gallows in the courtyard. Go figure!

We took a ferry back to Boston and ate at a place called "Dicks." It's called that because, well, they're dicks. They yell at you from the instant you walk in, throw handfuls of straws and sugar at your table, and taunt you the entire night. They even made a girl at our table help serve drinks. They then tied a balloon to her hair that said "I'm the waiter's bitch." She wasn't the only victim, almost all the girls ended up with balloons tied to their hair, while three of the guys ended up with giant, ridiculous paper hats, all with gay jokes. The jokes ran the gammut from "Cruzin' 4 Dudes" to "I <3 Same Sex Marriage" to "Hung like a AAA Battery."

Those balloons you see are all tied to hair, like this:

We watched some breakdancing after dinner which was REALLY funny because a homeless guy just ran into the middle of these guys's show and did a sommersault, followed by some pelvic thrusts and some skipping, then he wandered away. Good times in the North End ladies and gentlemen!

After that we all headed back to campus and I proceeded to fall asleep. These days are just too action packed! That's all for now, I'm late for breakfast and then I have to build robot, I'll update again tomorrow!