August 31, 2007

All Settled In

Wednesday was In-Dorm rush. Basically what that means is I had to decide on which floor I would live, since I was placed into Burton Conner permanently. In-Dorm rush consists of touring all the floors of Burton Conner for three hours, eating lots of food and trying to figure out where you'll fit in. My roommate, Jon, and I, decided that Conner 2 (second floor of the Conner side) would be our favorite floor, but it's always up in the air as to whether you get what you want. MIT seems to be very fond of the lottery system, deciding on nearly everything with a lottery in some form or another. The same was true with In-Dorm rush, we ranked all the floors and then waited until the next morning to hear the results. After mucho anticipation, I was delighted to hear that Jon, Yuki, Dan, Michelle, and I had all been selected to live on Conner 2! Conner 2 is also where Laura lives, which will create all sorts of fun and taunting and yelling and crap-giving.

Yesterday was moving day, and move we did. We hauled all our bags into the kitchen near our room and prepared to move in. Before we moved in though, we decided to paint our room, so we took a trip to the hardware store, which Laura graciously walked us to. She also graciously told us, after we spent 20 minutes picking out the perfect paint colors, that she hated them and they were ugly.

Paint in hand we headed back to campus and began taping, painting, and panting for air since it's really hot here and there's no air conditioning. My two roommates, Jon and James (there are 3 of us in a double, a lovely little thing called crowding) did a lot of painting while I went on a tour of the Media Lab and James painted with Laura while Jon and I went out to eat. By the time our evening escapades were over, it was 1 am and the room was half painted. That's when I made the brilliant decision to pull an all-nighter to finish. James helped a little and then crashed, while Jon was asleep before we knew it. I finished all the painting at about 3 and managed to stay up until 4 IMing people.

I was so deliriously tired while typing that I think I said "brb" or "just a sec" so I could look something up, and then fell asleep accidently. The next time I looked at the screen I saw "That's a really long 'Just a sec'" and realized that it was time to sleep a little. I don't remember if I said goodbye or not to the people I was talking to, or even how long I left them there when I accidently fell asleep, or what I actually said to them. I was a wee bit tired after all.

I woke up at 7 this morning (read 3 hours of sleep) and spent the whole morning moving everything into my room and completely unpacking. That is finally done, and now we have a completed dorm room, ready to live in. The only things that aren't done are

a) Lofting the single bed so we can put a desk under it and open up a wall.
b) Add some shelves above the wire shelving unit.
c) Add a dresser (still not sure how that'll fit, but James seems to think it will. I think the bookcase will have to go)

I took some pictures of the room, just try to ignore Jon and James at their computers, they're studying really hard (YouTube).


Anonymous said...

I like the paint colors. The blue IS really bright, though. It may be part day-glo.

Also...the neat arrangement of the notebooks on the wire shelves makes me laugh. Either that photo was really well prepped for or one of your roomates is anal retentive.

Snively said...

Jon's the anal retentive one

Anonymous said...

Nice to know. I'm sure he appreciates that you think so.

Vihang said...

Well the colours aren't that bad! I mean I actually liked them.
You room is quite nice and organized right now ... I wonder how it'll look after a couple of days.
3 people in a double ... I'd like to see how well that goes.

Anonymous said...