July 12, 2007

My Life in a Picture

No, the title doesn’t mean that I was sucked into a photograph and will be carrying out the rest of my life from a static glimpse of some moment in time. Instead, it means that I took a picture today that pretty much sums up a lot of what’s been going on with me lately. Now, it’s been quite some time since I took chemistry (sophomore year) but I’ve decided to try to use a diluted chemistry analogy to describe the events detailed in this post. “Diluted” . . . see! The analogy has already begun!

Every day is different at work. One day I’ll be slaving over the copy machine, the other day I’ll be screaming at the shredder (which I broke, but we bought a new one so no worries), and the next day I’ll be hugging my red Swingline stapler and bragging to everybody about it. Lately I’ve been obsessing over the FEE, MIT’s English placement essay/test thing. Essentially, I am given 4 days to read 45 pages of material and then have to write a couple of essays over the weekend. I’ve spent most of my free time reading, highlighting, and outlining essays about ******* (the website says I’m not supposed to tell you what the essays are about). Well, today was going to be exactly like yesterday, but of course, one of my co-workers brought in a catalyst that made today a fairly distracting day. Turns out, he got an iPhone yesterday and brought it to the office to play with. Guess what that means! Today is essentially iPhone day at ODOT. All morning I worked on FEE stuff but after lunch I got a chance to play with the iPhone. Yes, that’s right, I actually played with and surfed the internet on an iPhone.

So far, this has nothing to do with pictures, and very little to do with chemistry. I have one more chemistry story for you. Today, I used the word emulsifier in a sentence. It was amazing, I was quite proud of myself. A bunch of the workers in my office had huddled in the back corner to talk about the iPhone when the iPhone’s owner was called away to show to somebody he doesn’t get along with. Somebody mentioned that they were like water and oil. It was then my turn to say

“Well, the iPhone acts like an emulsifier then”

They had no idea what I meant so I explained it to them and we all had a good time talking about emulsifiers. That’s one thing they don’t mention about the iPhone is that it is an emulsifier for you and your enemies. Take note general population.

Although, if you’re not one to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, or cash is your limiting reactant, you may only have to wait until August for something new and exciting from Apple. It looks like the next wave of iPods will look almost exactly like the iPhone but without the phone and internet. Touch screen iPods, finally!

Alright, so how about that picture? Before you look at it, allow me to describe exactly what is happening here. Taking a break from the FEE (highlighted papers in the background) and with my trusty red Swingline stapler by my side, I take a moment to surf the internet on a day-old iPhone. It has a plastic case on it so it’s not the iPhone that’s smudgy, just the plastic. Oh, and there’s my confusing and terrifying phone in the very background. As always, click the pic to make it bigger.

Now, it's back to the FEE. Only two more articles left and 3 to outline.


José P. said...

Is that article from the New Yorker? :P

Michael said...

Yes, that 13 page novel that some New Yorker author felt compelled to write.

Paige said...

My dad Got an iPhone. it is like another child in our family. he tells it stories, it eats dinner with us, and we have to say goodnight to it. but its cool.

Anonymous said...

Katina? Eh?

Greg said...

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Anonymous said...