June 28, 2007

A Must Download

About 3 days before school ended I was introduced to a band I’d never heard of and I found that I absolutely loved them. The cool part is that the band’s sound and lyrics are popular with geeks, skaters, stoners, and any other kind of person (except for perhaps emos). I’ve been thinking about how to describe the sound and the flavor of the music. I’ve created a nice little recipe for you:

Take 1 part “Queen”
Mix with 3 parts Transiberian Orchestra
Bake for 7 minutes
Crumble up some popular RPGs (Role Playing Games (Video Games)) and sprinkle on top
Serves everybody!

The name of the band? Dragonforce! One of their songs is all over the internet, so I figure posting it here won’t break all that many copyright laws, seeing as you can go download it somewhere else if you want. Click the pic for the mp3.

In my opinion, the word that best describes this song is “epic.” Honestly, how epic would it be to ride into battle or lead an army with this music blasting in the background? I’m downloading the rest of the album (14 songs) from iTunes this weekend, let me know if you want me to burn you a CD or e-mail you the songs (ssshhhhhhhh, this isn’t illegal!) If I don’t know you, you’ll need to e-mail me your address or leave it in the comments if you want a CD.

This has been your daily bit of culture, courtesy of Michael Snively. Rock on.


José P. said...

I will not download it, then, because you just told me to —if I am ever to gain a sense of rebelliousness, I must not do what people do not expect me to refuse, and, therefore, create to a cataclysm in ourselves, so that we may overcome, evaluate, and reason.


Yeah, maybe I should have just went with "Great post, I'll check them out later."

Molly said...

You are as bad as Dylan.

José P. said...

Who's Dylan? :\

Anonymous said...