June 09, 2007

I'm graduated!

First off, I'd like to explain why I deleted my Facebook account. With the creation of the "Top Friends" list, fortune cookies, and embedding videos, I've decided that Facebook has become too much like MySpace. I joined Facebook with reservation and only to talk to future classmates. Now that Facebook has grown out of control, I dumped it, I don't want to have to deal with a site that's going to slip into the land of emo sophomores. I'll continue to blog regularly and you can always get to me through this blog. I read every single comment, they are all automatically e-mailed to me. I hope deleting my account doesn't bug anybody, because I just had to do it. Now, to my regularly scheduled blog entry.

This entry is kind of a continuation of the last one. It's to the point now where I REALLY want to blog what's been going on lately, but I simply don't have the ability! I have all sorts of pictures, videos, and ideas for great jokes, but dial up internet and the computer I'm using simply can't handle the amount of media and editing I'm going to need. So, here's my plan: My new laptop was shipped today. I should get it midway through next week. Once I get it I will compose and organize all my pictures and videos (edit edit edit) and funny jokes into blog entries.

On Saturday I will try to find some Wifi in this great city (Salem) of mine and upload all the videos to YouTube. On Sunday I'll actually post entries during lunch and you will experience a flush of backlogged entries from the last week or so. Until then, I'm sorry, I have very little to post, but I will tell a joke I recently heard and I'll show you a couple of pictures from my graduation.

What does DNA stand for???
National Dyslexia Association.

Presenting my speech to almost a thousand people. That was really fun!

It's tradition to sneak beach balls in. I smuggled in 9 beach balls and 2 inflatable dolphins.

Man this Valedictorian medal is heavy!!!


Molly said...

Now, I was more concerned about how you would get them out of your pants after you were sitting down but it looks like you had it all taken care of.

Vishaque said...

Ahem! Congratulations!! And too bad that you deleted your facebook account -nevertheless I never checked mine, more than... twice-, anyway, as soon as I come to States I'd like to see ya and you know what... you were looking good at the podium.

Now, dont take it seriously.

I was just kidding.

No I wasnt.

Or maybe... ...


hannah said...

nice job on your speech on friday!!! it was very nice!! you must come and visit us!!

Harrison said...

Wow you never told me you were Val congrats! And you think you've got enough cords and shit on in that picture or what?

Yuki said...

Congrats!! Hope everything in the end of the year went smoothly.. Im down to about a week, so just about in the same boat as you. Hope your summer is going well, and congrats on val :-)


Madeline Paige said...

Pretty much I am angry that you are graduated and I have a chemistry final.

Anyway, Congratualations!!! And on a totally random basis...ok, so a long time ago you were talking about this game you found online called the impossible quiz? remember? Anyway, Kevin showed it to me the other day! woah, totally addicting!!!

Anyway, that is totally random, but I need a break from studying!

Congrates, write more, have fun, don't do anything to rash. Lovely speech by the way!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're an even bigger tool than I remembered. Man, being valedictorian sure is tough, huh?

I'm okay with you getting rid of Facebook- now your status can't be about me. (My friends all thought that was weird, by the way.)

Anyway, Congratulations, or something.

(You have exactly one guess who this is, choose wisely.)

Michelle said...
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Mary said...

You know what they say about all work and no play...

Anonymous said...