May 12, 2007

State Symphony Championships

Hi all! Yesterday was the state symphony championships and today is the state band championships. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that the band members of our symphony don't really, well, like symphony. That being said, we did manage to have a very good time. Why?

I've decided that the Nintendo DS was designed for bus rides. There's nothing better than having four people in completely different parts of the bus all screaming at each other and racing around some classic MarioKart tracks. The best is when there's a moment of complete concentration and all racers are completely silent, driving intensely, until something completely ridiculous breaks the concentration and all you hear is somebody shout as loud as they can "WHAT?! A RED SHELL AND A BLUE SHELL!!!!???? THAT'S NOT EVEN FAI- BANANA!?!?!?"

After playing. . .

We were starving, so we wandered around until we found food, and find food we did. I've never eaten at a Panda Express, but I must say that I'm impressed. The food was actually quite good, but the best part fortune cookies. There were 5 of us eating and we discovered that fortune cookies become absolutely gut-wrenchingly hilarious when you add "in bed" to the end of the fortune. Here are the fortune cookies we got last night, I'll let you add the funny bit to the end of each:

-People who expect nothing will never be disappointed
-Don't be hasty, prosperity will soon knock on your door
-You create enthusiasm around you
-You will overcome difficult times
-If you have hope you have everything
-Your road to glory will be rocky, but fulfilling
-Soon, a visitor shall delight you
-New financial resources will soon become available to you
-You will find happiness in mind & heart
-Luck will be yours when you least expect it
-You have found good company - Enjoy
-You will receive some prestigious prize or award

As you can see, we may have bought a few extra cookies just for the sheer joy of laughing.

We decided to head back from Panda Express for awards, but started to realize as we got there that people were flooding out of the auditorium and talking about awards and trophies. Oops, missed awards! We stood there, looked around a bit, and then started asking around. Apparently we took second place in full symphony and string orchestra, so overall it was a good showing. Yay Sprague!

Today is band, we'll see how it goes! I predict a top 3 finish. . .


Anonymous said...

Ha, my friends and I have lots of fun with the "in bed" thing. Or school serves fortune cookies every so often. :-)

Anne said...


I'm very disappointed! You really need to post the Panda Express experience. Shannon's was so much better.

come on!!!!


Anonymous said...