May 02, 2007

My New Blogging Tool

It's no secret that I like to blog, but several things are holding me back. The first huge obstacle I have is that I blog from a dialup connection, which is kind of a pain. I find ways around it, uploading all my pictures from broadband computers and then blogging from home, or blogging into word documents and then publishing from faster computers, but dialup is definitely a pain. It's a pain that will be remedied next year at MIT when there is wifi everywhere!

Another thing that holds me back is a lack of laptop. A laptop would allow me to liveblog from events, or to blog during class if I get bored. Again, a problem remedied next year at MIT when I'll have my new Dell laptop (graduation present from Grandma!)!

Things that don't hold me back? I have a great Sony Cybershot 6 megapixel camera that I absolutely love. It cost me $100 (which is amazing for 6 megapixels) and is really durable. It's been dropped several times and still works great.

The final blogging tool that I crave (I'm actually getting around to the title of this post now) is a video camera. I want to be able to make videos of the events around me, put them on YouTube, and blog those! Plus, it'll be nice to be able to share the goings-on at MIT with people back home next year, kind of a video diary (I hate the word diary). Guess what my graduation present from my parents is! A Sony Handycam!

Brand new, it just came out in April, and it's kurazy cool. My dad picked it up at Best Buy yesterday and I'm not allowed to have it until June 1st (we're going to record my graduation), but I'm eagerly anticipating making my first video. I've never had a video camera before, nor has my family, it's a first for all of us.

Here's a quick video I find that talks about it. Although the lady mentions a bunch of cameras, the one I get is the one she actually holds up and talks about for quite a while.

40 Gig internal Hard Drive
4 megapixel still camera
2 megapixel screenshot camera (takes a picture while filming)
High-speed camera mode (spreads 3 seconds of film smoothly over 12 seconds)
Infrared filming
Straight to DVD burning capability