April 06, 2007

We've Got a Catapult in the Works

So our engineering project is to design and build catapult. This is our catapult in the works. Nothing is screwed or secured, but this is the rough shape. Surgical tubing will be stretched between the towers and the swing arm will be pulled back against the tubing. Our little pulley thing will be used to pull down the swing-arm. I don't feel like typing a whole lot more, just because I'm lazy and I hurt one of my fingers, sorry. Enjoy the picture!


bekah said...

What did you do to your finger???

Tae said...

ummm... this is kind of random! ok well first this is Kehl's cousin, Teija who you met at the debate tournament (zipper purse?) yeah so how are you? yeah kehl talks about you a lot and has showed me your blog several times. So, now for this really random story: I was looking through my cousin's yearbook who lives in Washington and i'm flipping through the pages and i see a name- Michael Snively! And the picture wasn't you. So that was weird. And you probably think i'm weird for even bothering to tell you about it. But yeah, have a great summer!

Anonymous said...