April 04, 2007

How does this happen?!

Alright, here's a little contest for you. In 50 words or less, in the comments of course, remark on this picture. Here's my observation:

How drunk do you have to be to not stop when you hit the garage door, the red car, or the ceiling? The only thing that stopped this truck is the fact that his wheels aren't on the ground anymore, otherwise he'd still be moving forward! Oh, and he's missing a tail light.


Anonymous said...

At stoplight:
Car: Betcha I can beat you to the garage.
Truck: Oh yeah? Nothing beats a Ford!!

(Light turns green)
Car: Vroom!
Car: Hahaaa, eat my exhaust! I'm gonna wiiiin, I'm gonna...
Truck: A RAMP! YES!
Car: You fool! You'll crush us both! Nooooooooo!
Truck: Yeeeeees! I can fly, I can fly, I can fl-

CRASH splinter *CRUNCH*

Car: Told you... that... I'd beat you...(gasp choke cough)

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Teen angst.

Robert said...
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Robert said...

The car that sits upon the floor happens to be a Ferrari Enzo, one of the most amazing cars in the world. You only own one because Ferrari selects you to own one. Now it lies smashed beneath an American pickup-thing.

Anonymous said...