March 01, 2007

My Mad SolidWorks Skills

I already showed you my DS I made in Inventor. Well, I just finished a 2 month long project in SolidWorks, another CAD program. It's a tree feller! Yeah, I'd never heard of one either, but I slaved away on it for a long time so I thought I'd share it.

Ignore the random floating rivet above the tread. Oh, and the image corrupted slightly so the bottom part will never fully load (the part beneath my name), but anything worth looking at will load fine.

Isn't it pretty?! Click it for a bigger view.


Ashley said...

It would be prettier if it wasn't screwed up.

I'm only kidding, I think it is very nice.

Josh Doebbert said...

nice tree feller.
I thought I was the only person who spent his myriad hours designing stuff.
BTW, I found your site via the MIT blogs. Did you get in EA? Email me at

Vishaque said...

Ah!! Nice Job.

Anonymous said...