February 19, 2007


I was wandering the interwebs when I found a checklist that diagnoses senioritis. I decided to see if it really was as bad as I thought it was. . . it was. Here are the signs to look for (I've bolded the ones that actually apply to me (they honestly apply to me)):


... you check your facebook more than three times a day and don't start your homework till 10 pm...or 12 am...or don't even do it at all.

...you would fight for a cure for Senioritis...if you just weren't so lazy.

..."I'll do it before I graduate" becomes "I'll do it the night before I graduate".

...you actually find yourself doing a math problem to figure out how low of a grade you can get on your finals and still pass a class.

...you think to yourself "Why am I still here?" more than four times a day, quite possibly up to three times a period.

...you have just gotten into your top college and are sooo ready to celebrate it.

...you can tell someone the recap of every tv show on every channel from any given night of the week.

...you figure as long as you get a decent grade in your classes there's no sense in doing extra credit or work.

...you're often seen in the hallway with marks on your face from falling asleep on your desk. Again.

...you don't even waste energy arguing with the people you disagree with anymore since you're gonna be leaving soon anyway.

...you find yourself trying to talk all your teachers into blowing off class and watching a movie instead.

...you have memorized every poster, painting, and decoration in each of your classroom's walls.

...you think senior priviledges of sleeping in means sleeping in...the entire day.

...your schedule is so easy it's not even funny.

...you will make up any excuse to do anything slightly fun and off the wall just to make the day a little more interesting.

...you suddenly feel like boycotting, protesting on, and flat out bitching about every single rule and regulation at school.

...someone says to you,"It's Wednesday night, why are you out???" and you say "Because I'm a Senior, thats why!"

It's sad really, but so many of those made me say "HEY! That's me!!!" and there are people that read this blog that can vouch for that. Hey guys, these are true, aren't they?


Vishaque said...

Indeed?! I never knew, this thing has a name anyway, called senoritis or... ... ... whatever. And it seems like you have released a flood-gate. Saving as Drafts? Why? What you were waiting for or was it... ... oh no... senoritis... Ack!!

Greg said...

I do most of those anyway and I'm not a senior.

Michelle said...

Yeah, Michael, I'm with you on these traits, but then again, I honestly did most of this stuff when I was a freshman too.

Dylan said...

...it's so true...

Anonymous said...