January 03, 2007

Who would you get rid of?

Today in my college writing class we were split into 5 groups. We were then handed a piece of paper, which I was kind enough to type up and post here for you. Please read that document before continuing.

So, our group got together and discussed our options. Don't think for a second that our method was the only correct method. . . who would you keep and who would you kill? I open this up to everybody that reads this post, please list your survivors/casualties in a comment, I read all comments! So, here we go, this is what my group decided on:

Dr. Dane - Dr. Dane is a keep, he survives. His health and botanical interests were the deciding factors.

Mrs. Dane - Mrs. Dane dies. She's obese and diabetic. Diabetes alone would kill her shortly, so she is absolutely worthless. Her obesity would also be a hindrance to any mobility the group would have to incur.

Bobby Dane - Bobby dies. There is absolutely no use for a retarded 10 year old when survival is at stake. . . whether you feel bad about killing him or not.

Mrs. Garcia - Mrs. Garcia dies. A high school dropout prostitute, although it proves that she was trying to earn money, is of absolutely no use, not even for procreation and survival of the human race. She is likely infected with STD's and would be dangerous to everybody around her. She also has no practical skills that could be used to benefit the group.

Jean Garcia - Jean lives. Although an infant, Jean will provide a generational tie when grown. All the others in the group are 18 and over and after a certain amount of time will all die. Jean will be left alive with whatever offspring the others manage to have, providing a link. Since Dr. Dane's wife and Bobby we both killed, Jean would be adopted by Dr. Dean and cared for by him.

Mary Evans - Mary survives because Mary is a young female that can have a bunch of children to repopulate the planet.

Mr. Newton - Mr. Newton survives for many reasons. He's strong, young, and in medical school. These three traits provide for physical treatment of injuries, self-preservation, and helping others with difficult tasks they may come upon.

Mrs. Clark - Mrs. Clark lives. Mrs. Clark is another younger female that can have children and help repopulate the planet. She'll get over her "Zero Population Growth" attitude when she realizes that there are only 11 people left and she'll live if she has babies.

Mr. Blake - Mr. Blake lives. His B.S. in mechanics would help the group by providing shelter or transportation after the disaster.

Father Frans - Father Frans lives for several reasons. As a priest he can comfort others, and his farming background is crucial. He will work with Dr. Dean, the botanist, both as a counselor for the loss of Dr. Dean's family and as a fellow farmer, providing food for the other survivors.

Dr. Gonzales - Dr. Gonzales dies. There is no need for a doctor since Mr. Newton is in medical school, and Dr. Gonzales's age would cause him to be a hindrance.

Those are our choices, what are yours? Please comment on this post!


Christy Baggett said...

This is my group decided:

Dr. Dane - lives, for the same reasons as you.

Mrs. Dane - lives. Dr. Dane will be better with her around, and she diabetes but she is a mental health specialist, and after this, everyone will need some counseling.

Bobby Dane - dies, again for the same reasons. Even though his parents will miss him, it may be a relief for them to lose him.

Mrs. Garcia - dies. pretty much worthless, except that she can reproduce, but she will likely infect everyone.

Jean Garcia - dies. she wont be able to do anything and will be in the way. they will reproduce anyway and the next babies will only be about a year younger - no big deal.

Mary Evans - lives. she is heatlhy and can reproduce

Mr. Newton - lives. strong, healthy, and in medical school so he will be a good doctor. may be gay, but they can MAKE him reproduce.

Mrs. Clark - lives. her engineering background will be good for re-building, and she can reproduce. We agree that she will get over her zero population crap.

Mr. Blake - lives. he is strong and will be good for re-building

Father Frans - lives. he is a preist so he will be able to help people grieve for their losses and has a farming background important for food.

Dr Gonzales - dies for obvious reasons

Molly said...

why can't I do cool stuff like this!

Okay I choose:

a) Dr. Dane – he gets to live, hes healthy and experianced, he will be a help.

b) Mrs. Dane – No, she would only be good for her son, and her husband for company, being obese then her mobility is limited, just not a good choice. She dies.

c) Bobby Dane – as sad as it is, he dies. No good to re-populate the world, and can't help build or make a lifestyle for everyone.

d) Mrs. Garcia – Okay, uneducated, possible STD/STI, not going to help for her to repopulate and would stop others from repopulating too...if there is only them left, they don't want AIDS ect...She dies.

e) Jean Garcia –She can live she is so young she can be molded into something and be raised to help everyone and once others start to repopulate then she will have others to repopulate with also. As long as her mother didnt have something that could be passed on to her then she is goood.

f) Mary Evans – Perfect for obvious reasons, she lives.

g) Mr. Newton – It will be good to have a doctor so its perfect, and even if he is gay, well if he wants to live then he will repopulate. Younge, probably heathy, young enough to GET strong if he isnt already, he lives.

h) Mrs. Clark – Shes younge, she has some experiance, she will be good to have for repopulation. Her dad was a priest, she can help with religion if others want it, to get things back to as normal as they can, and she probably knows how to comfort others because of her father and what not. She can live. She too will repopulate if she wants to live.

i) Mr. Blake – I don't kow about him....hm, this is a hard one. He's getting old and even though mechanics would be good other know what they are doing too...ahh, I have to say he dies.

j) Father Frans – He can live, hes a very good choice. Hes athletic so naturally will have some strength, hes active in civil rights, help people remember them so the rights are not lost, I think that would be good. Priest, angain with the religion, if people want it (it comforts a lot of people) then he's there, he can help with the others who lost family, Mr. Dane for example. his farming background is a good bonus too. He lives.

k) Dr. Gonzales – Okay, I know hes old and all, but he can live, he can educate Mr. Newton some more before hes gone and until then he can help with instructions and others health. He's not to healthy but he will do good for a little while.

That was kind of fun. I like that one!

Paige decides this world is screwy said...

how about we don't talk about who we are going to kill because its morbid and sad that someone would even make up this excercise. Why the hell would you want to think about this? I feel like you are talking about a big group of dogs, and you have to decide who your going to throw in the riverbecause they have some sort of imperfection.

I hope this never happens to anyone, because it would be sad...though I do understand your reasonings, it still makes me sad that people even think about these things...........maybe I am just a freak, but I would be sad if I had to do this in class

Greg said...

I chose me.

somebody said...