January 08, 2007

Beauty and the G33K

Lord help me. That show just, well. . .

These men are completely socially inept. There are only three on that show that I can embrace and thank for being almost normal and socially acceptable. Both of the guys with beards a cool and then Mario. People that are completely hopeless?


MIT Guy - I would like to say right now, to defend my honor, I am NOT like him at all! In fact, as I watched him I looked over at my mom and said "Seriously, MIT accepted him?" and she replied "Michael, a lot of people, the majority of people, at MIT will be like him." I think that was the first time I didn't look forward to MIT. Please, I put out a plea, PLEASE be some normal people at MIT. Please?!

His line about "I wish I were Sin-squared and you were Cos-squared that way together we'd make one.". . . I can't believe he actually expected normal people to be entertained by it. *STUPID*


During one of the standup comedy routines a guy used the following line with great success (I found it hysterical):

"I think if I were God I'd design allergies slightly differently. I think instead of making people allergic to small things like food, I'd make people allergic to big important things, like tigers. That way you'll be, like, walking around and then all of a sudden 'Hey, I'm getting a rash, there must be a tiger around here!'. Then later, you may be swimming and realize 'Hey, a runny nose, where's the shark? Wait, is that a rash? It must be a tiger shark!'"

Bravo! I hope he wins.

(I'm not socially inept)


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Molly said...

Hahaha I LOVE that show!!!!

Oh and his "I wish I were Sin-squared and you were Cos-squared that way together we'd make one" made me laugh...and again Michael, I totally thought of you. Sorry.

But no you are not socially inept, just Michael. Its not the socailly inept part that reminds me of you...or the non-lip movement. I'm glad to say your upper lip it perfectly normal.

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