December 07, 2006

PS3s are easy to get!

Here's a story to make any PS3 fanboy cringe. It's completely true, so no complaining about it being fake you losers.

A friend of mine has a father. That father went to Best Buy the other day to just kinda look around/shop. This was about noon or one in the afternoon. As he was finishing up, he went up to the counter. The following occurred:

Dad: "You guys have any PS3s in stock?"
BestBuy: "Sure"
Dad: "60 Gig?"
BestBuy: "Yep"
Dad: "Ok, I'll take one."
BestBuy: "Anything else?"
Dad: "No, that's ok."

Boom! In, out, and PS3-laiden. So, for all you guys that decided to get shot or trampled for a week before the PS3 launch, yall just got pwnd by a dad who walked into BestBuy at noon and bought something for his son. HA!