December 31, 2006

PS3 News

Do you remember back when people were shooting each other in order to get a PS3? Waiting for weeks in line? Crushing others in the rush to get in the store? Seems like just yesterday!!!

Of course, people only waited a day in line for the Wii, nobody was shot, and people actually kept the Wii to play at home. There were plenty more Wiis than PS3's, yet the Wii sold out just as fast. Here's the difference. . . the Wii is still selling out. Nintendo has produced 5 times as many Wiis as PS3's, yet you still CAN NOT get a Wii unless you're really lucky or you manage to get news of a second launch (stores sometimes horde consoles until they have a bunch and then release them on a set date).

"But PS3's are impossible to find! They're selling on ebay for hundreds above sticker price!" Um, no and no. Don't believe me?

Huh? 4 PS3's? Just sitting there? According to the guy working there they had been sitting there all day. Of course, there were no Wiis to be seen, still selling out. PS3'? 2 60 Gigs and 2 20 Gigs. Unsold. Unwanted. A guy actually came up to the cabinet when he saw them, here's what I heard:

Guy: Good Lord! PS3's! I need to buy one!
Guy (after approaching the case and seeing the price): *groan* No way! (walks away)

Here's the Ebay listings for a few PS3's. I boxed the ones of interest with red and then put the retail price to the right. Some are earning a couple of bucks, others are selling for less than retail! Sorry Sony, you just can't cut it. Nintendo Pwns!