December 06, 2006


Weird Al has many interesting songs. I've been listening to his "Straight Out of Lynwood" album for a while now, and one particular song intrigued me. It's called "Pancreas", and is basically a love song from a man to his pancreas. Even for Weird Al, this is a stretch, and I realized this when I listened to the lyrics. Allow me to demonstrate why I believe Weird Al is strapped for lyrics. The following is the equation for Gravitational force:

The M's stand for the masses of the two objects. The "d" stands for the distance between the objects.

The following link is a quick bite from the pancreas song. It's not high quality, I had to compress it, but it shouldn't be TOO painful to listen to (dial-up friendly).

Notice something? Did Weird Al actually work in the equation for how his pancreas is gravitationally attracted to every other pancreas? Does this seem weird to anybody else but me?